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Concierge Samui Properties provide a range of specialist services designed to enhance the experience of our prospective clients and the property owners that have listed with us.
Contact us for more information on the services listed below.

Concierge Samui 房地产公司的员工提供广泛的专家,旨在为我们的注册客户和财产所有者创造经验。请与我们联系以获取有关以下所列服务的更多信息。

Our fleet of luxury vehicles are available to provide complimentary transfer services from the airport or your place of stay in Koh Samui to our office in Bang Rak. Just book an appointment with us prior to arrival and we will do the rest.

Our range of luxury vehicles are also available for hire via our sister company partnership company.



Are you planning a short stay in Koh Samui with the intention of searching for a new investment property? Book with us through our affiliated selection of 12, five-star luxury resorts and receive discounted nightly rates and packages. Throughout your stay we schedule viewings at your convenience, serviced by our luxury vehicles.


List your property exclusively with Concierge Samui for a comprehensive management program. This is an ideal option for property owners abroad with little time to communicate with agents and pro-actively take their land/villa to market. Exclusively listed properties are prioritized within our network and are featured in all sponsored advertising and marketing campaigns.

列出您在Concierge Samui公司的房地产,以获得全面的管理计划。对于那些几乎没有时间与代理商沟通并将土地/别墅推向市场的外国业主来说,这是一个完美的选择。并具有所有受支持的广告和营销功能。

Concierge Samui Properties have teamed up with the islands most highly renowned luxury tour company to further enhance the experience of our clients during their visit to the island. All of the tours and services listed at the following links are operated by Oceana Samui Tours which is owned by our Directing Partner, Rhys Dixon.
To view or book your luxury private boat tour experience please visit our partnership sister company website. 

Concierge Samui 公司的员工与岛上最著名的豪华旅游公司合作,访问岛时为我们的客户创造体验。以下链接中列出的所有旅行和服务均由Oceana Samui 旅行社运营,全部由Rhys Dixon拥有和管理。如果想查看或预订私人豪华游船请访问我们的会员网站。


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